Wilderness Huskies


Spirit of the wild animals is strong and one with the Nature.

Our happiness is to be able to live in nature with animals.

A wolf ones started, a long long time ago, a friendship with human. That relation made the dogs we have today. Wolves gave us a very special gift that changed our world forever.


We live Natural Sleddog life

We are also looking for the Sponsors for the Dogs and for this amazing sport and life!

Welcome to experience our arctic sleddoglife!

-Real Mushing-

Welcome for a Huskycamp Visit

Magic of winter with Huskies

Video of Tinja and Alex mushing beginning of April 2018 YouTube

Video of mushing Alaskan Huskies January 2018 YouTube


The Great ones, the Sleddogs

Welcome to visit us, Book by email arcticwolves.tinja@gmail.com Offsnow season time you can examble visit us for 2 days and visit the Dogfarm and go for the Horsebackriding. Sleeping in our beautiful Wolflodge is relaxing and takes you to the world of Nature with primitive way of Life without electrycity or running water.

Videos about our adventures and our Home. Have a look;



 Winter: youtu.be/tN2nrC7W7QM

Video about our horses in the Fjells youtube .