Siperia lapponica

Sleddogs in the wilderness

Arctic Wolves- Wild Horses

Spirit of the wild animals is strong and one with the Nature.

Our happiness is to be able to live in nature with animals.

A wolf ones started, a long long time ago, a friendship with human. That relation made the dogs we have today. Wolves gave us a very special gift that changed our world forever.

On our sides spirit of wolves can still live here where it once had it's home. In the North. Now many people are fears of wolves because people have lost their knowledge of Life. Now wolves wouldn't even let human to become a friend. Even many dogs tell that truth. They don't trust every human because of unnatural behaving of man.

We live Natural life, sleddog life. Our skills are to take best care of Huskies, to keep them living a natural animal life and we can happily be part of their happiness. Things made by heart and wisdom of life are always good.

Dogsledding with us is an real amazing adventure. We are looking for our trips very adventural people with some experience, bravery, good fysical condition like sport people and of course animal caring. Here animals go always first! And we are facing the real North and Nature with all its miracles and challenges.

Welcome to experience our arctic sleddoglife!

-Real Mushing-

Welcome for a Huskycamp Visit

Magic of winter with Huskies

Tanssii Susien kanssa~ kesäkurssit 

Kesäisin ja syksyisin sulanmaan aikaan pidämme kursseja joissa tunnelma on sama kuin tanssii susien kanssa elokuvassa. Seuraavat kurssit on kesä - ja syyskuussa, kesto 3pv. Hinta 250e. Kurssi sisältää Hevosia, Rekikoiria, jousiammuntaa, intiaanityylistä elämää keskellä kaunista Lapin erämaata. Kurssit aikuisille ja nuorille. Sopii hyvin pareille tai kenelle vain joka rakastaa seikkailuja metsässä ja haluaa oppia enemmän eläimistä. Pidämme kurssit itse ja teemme kaiken hienosti ja hyvin. Kannattaa todella osallistua!

Ilmoittaudu Nyt!

Video of Tinja and Alex mushing beginning of April 2018 YouTube

Video of mushing Alaskan Huskies January 2018 YouTube


The Great ones, the Sleddogs
We. Alex, Tinja and the Dogs  (pic.Brice Portolano)
Tunturi- Fjells
Alex and Tinja, home sweet home.
One part of our Arctic miracle is our Nordic horses. Mustang Luna comes from the wild in Oregon, USA. Here are living 12 horses among wolves. Are we waiting for two more Mustangs!
Aitoa rekikoiraelämää

Welcome to visit us, Book by email Offsnow season time you can examble visit us for 2 days and visit the Dogfarm and go for the Horsebackriding. Sleeping in our beautiful Wolflodge is relaxing and takes you to the world of Nature with primitive way of Life without electrycity or running water.

Videos about our adventures and our Home. Have a look;


Video about our horses in the Fjells youtube .